Which Gear is Right for my child? 

AusBike caters to all skill levels, from fresh-off-the-training-wheels beginners to confident young bike riders. Our program uses progressive Gears (or levels) to keep kids motivated and seeing improvement fast. They'll be conquering more challenging rides in no time! 

Find out which gear your child should be registered for below. 

  • 1st Gear

    My child is relatively new to bike riding, on or off training wheels.

  • 2nd Gear

    My child can confidently ride on their own and stop using their brakes.

  • 3rd Gear

    My child can balance confidently on their bike, ride one-handed to signal in traffic and brake safely at any speed.

  • 4th Gear

    My child has confidence riding their bike in many environments.


AusBike registrations for Term 3 are now open. Find your nearest AusBike Centre now.

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