Bring the joy of bike riding to the classroom

Our free, fun, interactive digital program brings bike education into your classroom. 

Developed by Experts 

Developed with experts from AusCycling and ACHPER, and aligned with ACARA State and National Curriculum Standards, AusBike Digital provides a comprehensive learning experience you can trust. 

Flexible for your teaching style

Captivate your entire class with engaging video content or offer personalised learning through one-on-one support. And, extend learning beyond the classroom with at-home and on-bike activities. 

The perfect companion to practical bike education

  • Introduce students to bike basics.
  • Teach bike skills, bike safety and social awareness.
  • Increase student confidence, before they hit the road.
  • Perfect for students aged eight to 12.

Packed with fun and engaging resources 

  • Compelling videos to keep students engaged. 
  • Downloadable worksheets to solidify learning outcomes. 
  • Interactive online activities to make learning fun and rewarding. 
  • Over four hours of learning content. 

Keep parents informed 

Parents and guardians can easily track their child’s progress at home. 

Completely free for Australian Teachers! 

AusBike Digital is a no-cost program for Australian schools and teachers. And, there are no hidden fees for you or your students. 


There's no cost for you or your students and AusBike Digital is full aligned with ACARA State and National Curriculum Standards.

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