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AusBike student riding with tennis ball in hand
AusBike student in blue jumper smiling while riding

Pedal Power Unleashed

We’re here to build safe, confident bike riders. Through our engaging, skill-based program, your child will learn essential bike riding skills, road safety smarts and pick up some basic bike maintenance tips – all while having a blast. 

Our program is designed for all levels, providing a smooth transition from wobbly beginner to capable rider. And, our qualified instructors provide a fun, supportive environment, taking the pressure off parents! 

AusBike student throwing a tennis ball into a bucket while riding a bike

Gear Up For Fun

Forget boring lessons! AusBike turns learning to ride into a big adventure. Through games and activities, your child will transform into a safe and confident bike rider. We’ll teach them everything they need to know, from mastering bike control to conquering different terrains – they’ll even pick up some cool tricks to impress their mates. 

Each session starts with a quick bike and helmet check. Then, its on to warm up games that get their bodies and minds ready to ride. After that, our expert instructors lead them through fun drills that build those essential skills. Sessions are up to one action-packed hour a week, with programs lasting 6-8 weeks depending on your local centre. 

AusBike student riding her mountain bike across oval

What Equipment Do I Need?

Every child should bring their own bike and helmet so they’re comfortable using their own gear. All AusBike centers will have a few spares. Your child should wear closed toe shoes and comfy clothing. Safety equipment like elbow and knee pads are completely optional. 

AusBike students from different gears riding on oval

Which Gear is Right for my child?

AusBike is designed for all skill levels, from fresh-on-the-training-wheels beginners to confident young riders. Our program uses progressive Gears (or levels) to keep kids motivated and seeing improvement fast. They’ll be conquering more challenging rides in no time!


AusBike registrations are now open.

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