Help Aussie primary school kids learn to love life on two wheels.

AusBike school student riding BMX bike

Empower your students with lifelong skills. Whether they’re fresh off training wheels or ready for bigger challenges, AusBike gets kids riding a bike confidently, unlocking a world of freedom, fun and adventure. 

School student assisted with control of bike by a teacher

Designed by experts, aligned with the curriculum: AusBike for Schools seamlessly integrates with your teaching requirements, making it easy to incorporate the program into your curriculum. 

Engaging activities: AusBike goes beyond just pedalling. We keep kids motivated with a mix of on-bike and off-bike activities that make learning fun and interactive. 

Confidence-building skills: AusBike focuses on developing strong foundational skills, giving your students the confidence they need to hit the road (or park!) with a smile. 

Choose from one of four awesome programs

  • AusBike Digital

    A free, fun, interactive digital bike education program for your classroom.

  • Sporting Schools

    Bring bike education to your school yard, thanks to Sporting Schools.

  • Incursion Days 

    A free one-day incursion program for years 3 to 5, delivered by an AusBike instructor

  • Instructor Training 

    Upskill your teachers and inspire the next generation of cyclists with our AusBike instructor training course

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