1st Gear

What will my child learn? 

  • How to fit their helmet correctly. 
  • How to run a bike safe check. 
  • The Power Position - how to start a bike from a stand still. 
  • The Powering Glide – how to move from pedalling fast to rolling without pedalling. 
  • How to brake safely in an emergency. 
  • How to signal left and right with their hands when the bike is stopped. 

How will this help in real life? 

  • It’ll help your child avoid collisions in emergency situations – like if a dog runs out into your path. 
  • Aching backs will be gone! Your child will be able to start and stop their bike on their own, so no more stooping down for parents. 
  • They’ll have enough skills to keep up on a family bike ride, on a bike path. 


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