The best places to ride a bike with your kids

Whether you are looking for a quiet space to build your child’s confidence on the bike, or your child is wanting to explore new cycling environments, here are some places to ride away from the backyard or driveway.

Jun 18, 2024

There are many great places to ride a bike with your kids no matter what level they are at - whether your child is still mastering the basics of riding, or they have the basics down pat and are wanting to get out and explore new terrain.

It’s a great idea to ride with your children in new environments to help keep them engaged and to continue to grow their riding skills.

Below are a few places to get you started, and remember when choosing a location, consider the age and skill level of your children, the safety of the route (away from traffic if possible), and amenities such as restrooms or picnic areas.

For tips on how to go from the backyard to the footpath with your child read this article.

1. Local parks

Local parks are a good starting point for venturing away from the house for riding.

Many parks have dedicated bike paths or trails that are safe and scenic for riding with kids. Look for parks with paved or well-maintained paths that are away from traffic.

2. Rail trails

Rail trails are often located in regional areas and usually take in beautiful scenery.

There is an extensive network of rail trails across Australia. As they are former railway lines converted into bike paths, these routes are typically flat, well-maintained, and away from traffic, making them the perfect option for family bike rides.

3. Bike paths along waterfronts

Head to the coast or a lake, and you will usually find a bike path like this one in Wollongong, NSW.

Many towns and cities have bike paths along rivers, lakes, or oceans. These paths offer beautiful views and are separated from vehicle traffic.

4. Bike parks and pump tracks

The new Pizzey Park pump track on the Gold Coast.

Bike parks designed for children often include pump tracks, small jumps, and beginner-friendly trails. These parks are excellent for developing bike handling skills in a safe and controlled environment.

5. Local bike events or family rides

Events like the Brisbane Cycling Festival often incorporate family friendly ride options.

Check with your local bike club if they have any kid friendly events coming up. For example during the winter months clubs might incorporate a kids come and try session during a cyclo-cross event. It’s worthwhile also searching online for organised family rides, like Brisbane Cycling Festival, which incorporates a shorter family ride . These events often provide safe routes and a supportive atmosphere for cycling with kids.

Happy riding!